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Postby emcitysite » Wed 11.16.2005 7:52 pm

Watashiha KITSUDEO desu. 17 sai, gakkoono sensei desu. TAIkara kimashita.

My name is KITSUDEO or Kitsada. I'm just a kodomo. haha No, i'm just kidding. I am 17 years old. I'm a high-school student from Thailand. I know just very basic Japanese. Anybody who wanna chat with me or teach me, please MSN: emcitysite@hotmail.com for e-mail: crwthunder_viper1988@yahoo.com Thanks!!!
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RE: Ohayou~~minasan

Postby spookychee » Thu 11.17.2005 12:13 am

"gakkoo no sensei desu" means "I am a school teacher." High school student is koukousei.

Good luck with your Japanese.
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