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Postby mrhegge » Thu 11.17.2005 7:15 pm

Hello everyone! お名前は、、カイル・ヘギー(KYLE HEGGE)です。はじめまして、どうぞよろしく!I just came across this site and I thought, これはいいかんがいですね!Anyway, I'm hoping that I can meet someone who shares an interest in learning Japanese and will want to try to communicate back and forth in an attempt to get better. I'm currently a 二年生 studying at Colorado State University blah, blah, blah. All you really need to know is that I want to get better at Japanese. I don't know if a lot of Japanese people frequent this site but it would be cool to find someone from Japan to communicate with as well.


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RE: 今日はみなーさん!

Postby Sachi » Thu 11.17.2005 7:35 pm

こんばんわ、ヘギーさん! はじめまして! 私はさちえす。 日本語がだいすきです。^.^  ええと。。バイバイ!

Hello, Mr. Hegge! Nice to meet you! I am Sachi. I greatly like Japanese. Well, Bye bye!

That's my basic introduction ^_〜 Anyways, welcome to the site! I've learned so much here, and everyone is reaaally helpful! I may be still pretty new to Japanese, but I like it a lot as I said. Also, Sachi's just my Japanese nickname, but I prefer to be called that. Anyways, good luck with yur Japanese! I currently self-study, but with everyone here to help, it's very easy to learn. :D
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RE: 今日はみなーさん!

Postby tokiwokoete » Thu 11.17.2005 7:39 pm

Is 今日はみなーさん!supposed to be "Hello Everyone!"
Because I don't think 今日は is read as "konnichiwa."
Its generally used for 今日(は), which means (as for)today & is read as kyou (wa) :)
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RE: 今日はみなーさん!

Postby mrhegge » Thu 11.17.2005 7:42 pm

woops! i must've over looked that! sometimes I don't notice when my keyboard converts to kanji. thanks.
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RE: 今日はみなーさん!

Postby aoeuaoeuaoeu » Thu 11.17.2005 10:05 pm

Actually, 今日は is prononced 'konnichiwa' as I have been told. If you were writting a serious and formal letter, I believe it's common to use more kanji, even in words normally written in hiragana, like in that word.
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RE: 今日はみなーさん!

Postby natemb » Thu 11.17.2005 11:43 pm

yes, 今日は can be pronounced either way, I believe, depending on context. kyo wa - "as for today" or konnichiwa - "good afternoon/hello"
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RE: 今日はみなーさん!

Postby Infidel » Fri 11.18.2005 3:06 am

the standard reading in kyou. It can be read konnichi but always remember konnichi is a non-standard reading. This means people read it kyou, do a double-take when it doesn't seem to fit, then read it konnichi. Usually better to write in hiragana unless there is some reason to use the kanji.
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