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Learning Japanese from basics

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Learning Japanese from basics

Postby heiwa » Mon 11.14.2005 11:30 am

Minasan Konnichiwa, If you would like to learn Japanese from basics, please feel free to visit my site at http://clix.to/gumi
I hope you will enjoy learning Japanese with my site.
Doumo arigatou gozaimasu.:D
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RE: Learning Japanese from basics

Postby minjoo03 » Fri 11.18.2005 7:04 am

arigatou gozaimasu..thanx for your info..:D
저는 민주입니다...
만나서 반가워요...
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RE: Learning Japanese from basics

Postby ParanoiaK3 » Sun 11.20.2005 11:07 pm

That website has great info. Good job, :-D
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RE: Learning Japanese from basics

Postby clarkf » Tue 11.22.2005 4:09 pm

Does it cost money? :)
Seems like a great site!
matane! ;D
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