hello there

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hello there

Post by omitto » Thu 11.17.2005 8:24 pm

i like this website.

would it be a good idea to study all the 46 katakana before trying to remember the rest of hiragana?
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RE: hello there

Post by Mariya » Fri 11.18.2005 11:48 am

Nice to meet you, glad you like the website. :)

Some prefer Katakana, some prefer doing Hiragana first. It's up to you, but it really doesn't matter seeing as you are going to do both anyways. ;)

Hope to see you around the forums.

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RE: hello there

Post by Zeo » Fri 11.18.2005 12:01 pm


Welcome to this website:D ;)

I started to study Hiragana when I started to study japanese. And I would recommand you to start with that to;):) So far I have had much more help knowing hiragana then katakana. But you have to learn katakana too of course;) But as Mariya said, some people likes to start with hiragana and some with Katakana:);) Well, whatever you might coose, im sure you'll find great fun in learning japanese:);) Gud luck, and have fun:)

- Zeo

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RE: hello there

Post by mandolin » Fri 11.18.2005 12:34 pm

The common consensus is: Learn hiragana first because you will see it more, so you should be the most familiar with hiragana.

UNLESS you are going to japan in the very near future.

Then you should learn katakana first, because it will help you recognize foreign words during your stay/trip.

Either way, though, you do end up learning both. :)

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RE: hello there

Post by Ongakuka » Fri 11.18.2005 2:41 pm

The method I used to learn Kana (as far as I can tell) is widely rejected by most people, that is , learning them at the same time. I mean, take a syllable and both it's representation in Hiragana and Katakana before moving on to the next one. I know I found it easier this way, still no one seems to choose this particular path. Oh well...

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RE: hello there

Post by Daisuke » Sat 11.19.2005 9:31 am

I'd say, It is a really bad idea to learn katakana first. The only reason someone does that is because it seems easier, but that does not really matter. The alphabet you are going to use is hiragana.. Katakana is only for names, and foreign words.

It is maybe easier to learn katakana, but i think the first one you learn is the one which will be stuck in your head fastest, and that should be hiragana.

Good luck studying!

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RE: hello there

Post by Sachi » Sat 11.19.2005 7:40 pm

Ongakua, I actually did that, too. I learned them both at once, but then worked harder at studying Hirigana, so I know that much better. But, here's a good site to pracice kana, and you can do both at once ^^


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