Group Kanan. Live music of Anime and video gamers

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Group Kanan. Live music of Anime and video gamers

Post by kanan » Sat 05.02.2009 2:21 am

Hello to all, we are

Raúl Escárcega - Battery
Jennifer Saide - Transverse Flute
Alicia Villamil - The First Piano
Eduardo Arellano - Violoncello
Yussef Rivers - The Second Piano
Issac Evil - Down(Under) electrical

Together we form a part of a Group called musical "Kanan" encourage and of Video Games. Kanan Surge's name of a Mayan word that Protector or Guardian means " ". Really we begin as group in this Kind(Genre) that we love muchisimo, since scarcely we count with 6 months. Also we form a part of the Symphonic Juvenile Orchestra of Yucatán "Daniel Ayala Pérez".

We feel very satisfied to be with all uds. being new users in this forum. We are from Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. And we they want to share little our musical work hoping that it(he,she) is of his(her,your) pleasure and acceptance.

It(He,She) us would take pleasure very much to listen to his(her,your) commentaries on which it looks like to them the group. All his(her,your) commentaries will serve us to continue improving day with day so(then,since) everything what we do it(he,she) is for all the persons who share the same taste for this art.

The following videoes that we will present are a part(report) of our concert Début that we realize in our city Merida, Yucatan, in the " Cultural Center Merida Olympus " that I carry out on February 26, 2009. We hope that they Like.

That enjoy it...

We hope that they have liked this first delivery of our work hoping that it(he,she) has been of his(her,your) pleasure, We wait to possess(to rely on) his(her,your) support, and remember(remind) that if they have some commentary they do not bear the desires since all his(her,your) commentaries will help us to improve day with day.

Thank you for his(her,your) visit and his(her,your) support

Atte. Group Kanan

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