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AP Japanese Test

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AP Japanese Test

Postby chiisu321 » Tue 04.28.2009 11:16 am

So, let me start by saying I've never taken a Japanese class, let alone a Advance Placement Japanese test.
I lived in Japan for a little under a year and I have passed the JLPT 4 and then 3, but I have NO idea what to expect for this upcoming AP test? My mom set it up with the counselor at this school for me to take it , but there is more than just language from what I have heard; culture and history and what not.

I tried looking up study material, but I'm pretty sure this test is a newer addition to the list of possible tests. There are no study books specifically for the test unlike say French or German.

Has anyone here taken it before? What score did you recieve?
I'm just looking for other's opinion of the test and study help IF any can be offered.
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Re: AP Japanese Test

Postby CerpinTaxt » Tue 04.28.2009 6:27 pm

AP Japanese College Board website This might answer many of your questions. The course description as well as the exam overview provides a lot of details. From what I've heard and seen it's generally in between a JLPT3 and JLPT2 level. Looking at your experience I doubt you'll get anything below a 3, and heck you could possibly get a 5. However, unlike the JLPT it does require production such as speaking, and writing. Also the AP Test has its own specific Kanji list, which contains around 400 Kanji. Best advice I can give you now is just to search for a practice online, and take one. Also you could try some of the sample questions on college board website. But really, the AP Japanese language test is in less than two weeks it is a bit late to be asking this. Would have been better to have actually researched a month or two earlier.

Well, with that good luck on the test, and if you end up doing bad there is always next year. I'm planning on taking it next year and am currently studying towards it, although I also have the supplement of classes.
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Re: AP Japanese Test

Postby chiisu321 » Wed 04.29.2009 3:21 pm

I've been to that website and it really just goes around in circles. haha It gives a sample for the structure of the test, but not really any study materials. I found that while looking at the structure, the difficult part seems to be the time limits through out the whole test. Maybe it's just me, but I had a hard time understanding the course description. I think it's because I look at the list and wonder, why would I want to know about that? haha I have been searching for a while for practice tests, but have come up with nothing. There was a book of the past tests. I did actually order it, but it hasn't arrived yet.

I have confidence in my language ability, but I have massive test anxiety. @____@

The test just came out in 2006, so unlike other AP tests I've taken I can't understand the grading or like see how other people have done except what Wikipedia says =/

Thank you for the reply though=]
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Re: AP Japanese Test

Postby Myuka » Wed 05.06.2009 12:21 am

We're almost in the same boat. I can't find much information about the test either however, my old Japanese teacher thinks it's very difficult apparently. If you passed those levels of the JLPT than it shouldn't be too much more difficult. The history stuff probably won't be anything that you havn't already discovered, and the verbal and writing things shouldn't be hard for you since you lived in Japan. You also have a good idea of the culture since you lived in Japan. I wouldn't worry at all you're bound to at least get a three.

I on the other hand.....I lived in Japan for 6 months and studied more than anything but, after being back for a year I've been a total slacker and only recently got serious about test prepartion although I've studied on and off all year...so yeah....I'll probably fail XD.

Good-luck. On the bright side, although you don't know much about the test, you should be able to help other people out next year.
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