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Worst Dub Voice?

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RE: Worst Dub Voice?

Postby Sachi » Fri 10.21.2005 7:31 pm

Naruto's voice is so annoying! I personally think Sakura's voice is, too. Ack.

One situation when it's the other way around is the Japanese version of Fruits Basket (I own the DVDs.) Yuki's voice is so girly. His voice was seriously played by a woman! I looked it up. It's painful to hear *cringes*
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RE: Worst Dub Voice?

Postby moumantai » Sun 11.20.2005 9:21 am

yukisukinomoto wrote:
No. Never watch the new Naruto dub. His voice. is so. disturbing.

<< I had nightmares about it, and I'm not even kidding.

lol i totally agree with you his dub voice is terrible but i love his normal anime voice
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RE: Worst Dub Voice?

Postby Tachi » Mon 11.21.2005 1:02 pm

The English voice "actors" in Magical Shopping Arcade: Abenobashi... just terrible, and they are used in the menu change animations. So even if you set the DVD to Japanese, you still have to suffer it.
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RE: Worst Dub Voice?

Postby Shinjitsu no Uta » Mon 11.21.2005 1:46 pm

Those Naruto voices give headaches! Kakashi's, Sasuke's, and Haku's voice are ok. That is why I watch all of the Naruto episodes on my computer or get the tapes and manga from a library or videostore.
Samurai Champloo's Jin has a weird sounding voice that is nothing like the Japanese version.
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RE: Worst Dub Voice?

Postby Hatori » Mon 11.21.2005 2:24 pm

....... i'm like totally confused nooowww.........
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RE: Worst Dub Voice?

Postby safaia-chan » Tue 04.11.2006 2:55 pm

D.N.Angel: All of the D.N.Angel voices, omg Risa...ew.
Naruto: Naruto, Ino, Sakura
InuYasha: Kagome, Shippo,
FMA: Gluttony, Edward, Alphonse, Winry, Roy, Armstrong

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RE: Worst Dub Voice?

Postby queshaw » Wed 04.12.2006 2:04 am

The dubbed voices of the 3 girls in Magic Knight Rayearth are like fingernails on a chalkboard. Owww!!! So painful. The Japanese voices I don't mind.
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RE: Worst Dub Voice?

Postby punkgrl326 » Thu 04.13.2006 12:59 am

Well to me these are the two worst dubbed voices I ever heard:
Naruto: Neji - He sounds like he has sinuses, Itachi - God, don't even ask. He sounds like a middle aged man :@
One Piece: Sanji - He sounds like he was raised in philly..or somethin.
I can't really think of any others. I usually enjoy dubs.
The Fruits Basket dub was the best dub ever done :D
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RE: Worst Dub Voice?

Postby LustBaka » Tue 07.04.2006 5:15 pm

Azn_Gangstet wrote:
ALL the voices for Naruto!!! the voice in english are horrible!!!

yes! I love naruto, but the voices suck. especially hinata, and Shino.
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RE: Worst Dub Voice?

Postby Mr Hensha » Tue 07.04.2006 5:23 pm

If all of you are so against these English dubs, then WHY are you even watching them? Watch the Japanese episodes, if you don't understand Japanese, why do you complain??

Personally, I like the English Naruto voices because they suit the characters well.

The best though, are Evangelion's voices, but the only one I DON'T like is Shinji's because it really does make me want to punch him, but it agrees with his personality.

Worst dub voice, worst liked Anime, what kind of threads are these?

Why is everyone so against the english voices? I'd prefer not to read subtitles.
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RE: Worst Dub Voice?

Postby sikago » Tue 07.04.2006 5:44 pm

card captor sakura......the whole thing is horible

go to http://www.youtube.com and listen to the intro song to card captor sakura and then listen to the card captors intro...that will give you an idea of how the whole series is
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RE: Worst Dub Voice?

Postby Ebuka Valentine Nrialike » Tue 07.04.2006 6:23 pm

sanji's voice isnt that bad....
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RE: Worst Dub Voice?

Postby Dutt » Tue 07.04.2006 7:23 pm

In sweden there are like ten voice actors dubbing things for TV, so some baby with shades has the same voice as Batman and as that other dude in Pokemon... I hate that and dubs in general
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RE: Worst Dub Voice?

Postby kanadajin » Tue 07.04.2006 7:30 pm

pretty much every character in FMA..
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RE: Worst Dub Voice?

Postby Mr Hensha » Wed 07.05.2006 12:11 am



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