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NANA Manga

Post by m_ » Wed 08.13.2008 6:59 am

Hi, has anybody read the NANA manga? I'm considering getting them to read. It may be too difficult for my level but I wish to practise reading with something I'm interested in. I may not understand everything, and have to check the dictionary for every sentence, but since I had seen the anime, I should be able to grasp the content and storyline.

Well I'm wondering if there are a lot of slangs and colloquial use in the manga? I would prefer manga with more standard japanese. If it is very slangy then I would have to reconsider.

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Re: NANA Manga

Post by drhani » Sun 05.31.2009 3:34 am

These page help you study japanese Slang! :D

■Japanese slang dictionary
■The Japanese Slang Jisho
■Japanese slang
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