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Postby Tachi » Mon 11.21.2005 9:55 am


My name's Ash (or Tachikoma online usually, but that name's been used)

I am currently studying basic Japanese, just recently started studying "properly" in a class and was recommended this site by a classmate (Chris, if he is reading this, hi).

Looking forward to spending time here!

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
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RE: Hajimemashte

Postby Zeo » Mon 11.21.2005 7:22 pm


Welcome to this site:D ;)
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RE: Hajimemashte

Postby suzuki_kyoko » Wed 11.23.2005 1:38 am

Hey! IM learning Japanese at school too! nansai desu ka! nensei desu ka! nanijin desu ka! sukina kamoku wa nan desu ka! sukina tabemono wa nan desu ka! sukina doubutsu wa nan desu ka! nani jin desu ka!B);):):D
Konnichiwa! Im a beginner at Nihongo too. I know basically a whole self-introductory and I know food and school subjects and just some commands etc. Im really eager to further my improvement in Japanese, I have been learning for 1 hour each 5 days a week for the past, 15 Weeks. Dozo Yoroshiku!
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RE: Hajimemashte

Postby kirama » Wed 11.23.2005 2:58 am

doesnt ka indcate a question?
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RE: Hajimemashte

Postby mandolin » Wed 11.23.2005 3:19 am

It does. She asked him what year in school he is. Nansai = what year.

EDIT: on rereading, she asked him a lot of things. hehe B)
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RE: Hajimemashte

Postby Tachi » Wed 11.23.2005 10:15 am

Blimey... urm...

By class I meant "adult learning" class, rather than at school, I am a *little* too old for that! ;)

Thanks for the warm welcome's, and amazingly, I memorized 5 new Hiragana in a day, using this system. So I am definitely here to stay!
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