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Latex and Japanese

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Re: Latex and Japanese

Postby furrykef » Thu 06.04.2009 10:44 am

LaTeX doesn't support Unicode? I thought it's supposed to be a modern technology.
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Re: Latex and Japanese

Postby jimbreen » Thu 06.04.2009 9:10 pm

furrykef wrote:LaTeX doesn't support Unicode? I thought it's supposed to be a modern technology.

Who said it was modern? Knuth's TeX (for which LaTeX is a wrapper) is about 30 years old - way before Unicode.

Converting software from other coding systems to Unicode is far from trivial. When Microsoft took the plunge, the overall process took several years and hundreds of millions of dollars. Developers for freeware such as TeX/LaTeX simply don't have those resources, or the long-term strategic interests (and it would be a very very brave person indeed who attempted it with TeX .....)

I use LaTeX for academic papers, but as long as I stick with vanilla Japanese it's not a problem.

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