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How well does rosetta stone work?

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Re: How well does rosetta stone work?

Postby Harisenbon » Fri 06.05.2009 1:48 am

Wow. Creating an account and placing advertising for rosetta stone in a Japanese Learning board.

If I had ever thought about buying or recommending Rosetta Stone to someone in the past, crappy choices in marketing tactics have convinced me to take my business elsewhere.
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Re: How well does rosetta stone work?

Postby Sairana » Fri 06.05.2009 1:51 am

kriskraf wrote:I can tell you yes it work’s, I work for Rosetta stone and have used it my self. If you go to http://www.rosettastone.com you can get a free demo cd to let you try any of the 31 language Rosetta stone has to offer. They also give you a 6 mouth full money back guarantee even if you open it in you can return it any time with in 6 mouths for a full refunded.

It works by association, like when your mother shoed you a ball and then said the word ball, if you spend at lest a hour a day every day mon-fri for 6 mouths you will be practically fluent in the language. It’s all computer baste and there is no translation (because you really don’t learn by memorization) I promise you it works. Look on line and you will see a list of our kiosk, if you come to one of them we will show you the full program.

kriskraf wrote:And I will tell you on June 12th 2009 we are having a suppress sail of $100 off, tell the sales associate you want the sail of code K100

I'm a Rosetta Stone fan, and normally I don't tend to pick on misspellings too much. However, as you are an employee for Rosetta Stone -- perhaps working PR -- I must say, your poor English skills will severely hinder your ability to sell a LANGUAGE LEARNING program.

Makes me kind of embarrassed that I've defended RS for so long around here.
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Re: How well does rosetta stone work?

Postby furrykef » Fri 06.05.2009 7:39 am

I dunno, it could be an employee from a rival corporation trying to make Rosetta Stone look bad...
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Re: How well does rosetta stone work?

Postby Yudan Taiteki » Fri 06.05.2009 9:25 am

kriskraf wrote:It works by association, like when your mother shoed you a ball and then said the word ball

If the basis of rosetta stone is flawed perceptions of child language acquisition, that's not a great factor in favor of the program.
-Chris Kern
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Re: How well does rosetta stone work?

Postby fuzzycuffs » Fri 06.05.2009 1:15 pm

I tried it for a little while. I found that for vocabulary, it wasn't bad. But learning grammar, and then moving from romanji to kana/kanji was pretty difficult. I think it'd be a useful supplement to a real class. But I'd put them in this order:

Take Japanese 101, learn super basics (hiragana, katakana, basic grammar)
Start using Rosetta Stone in romanji/kana mode to learn vocabulary
Continue taking Japanese and learn more advanced grammar
Continue with Rosetta Stone
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