Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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Post by ParanoiaK3 » Tue 11.22.2005 9:40 pm

Listen up you scoundrels,

I want to know whether there are any free (because I'm poor, lol) Japanese textbooks that are downloadable, or downloadable JLPT tests.

Help good, love me.B)

PS: what's ditto?
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Post by Harisenbon » Tue 11.22.2005 11:13 pm

As Clay (the person who runs this site) receives revenue and pays for this site by selling Japanese textbooks, I think asking for illegal copies of books on this site is kind of rude. Just my opinion, though. If you weren't asking for illegal copies, then forgive my chiding, I'm just jaded from too many whippersnappers who refuse to pay for things. ;)

There are a number of actually free resources available on the net, but often they are websites (like this one) rather than full text books. There is a full free textbook on Japanese grammar available at http://www.nihongoresources.com, which was linked off the main page.
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