i need help finding out a song

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i need help finding out a song

Post by kemmu » Sun 07.19.2009 5:08 am

i cant remember the name of it but it was kinda of dreamy not upbeat
the singing was a girl and i think it was very soft
it had strong bass(?) in the beginning - like clouds coming/bumping together/thunder

i think the singers name/band name was only four letters i want to say it starts with an i but im not completely sure
the song was kinda like a lullaby

can you help? :c

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Re: i need help finding out a song

Post by Sairana » Sun 07.19.2009 6:22 am

Wow, that's a tall order.

Best I can recommend is you listen to say, japanaradio and hope they play the song. I know for certain if you listen on Winamp, it will display the artist and title of whatever song is currently streaming. Not so certain about Windows Media Player 11. I know WMP 9 wouldn't pull stream data, and haven't really used WMP since.

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