JLPT, Does it make you breakfast?

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Re: JLPT, Does it make you breakfast?

Post by niknak » Sun 04.26.2009 12:38 am

read through a bunch of replies and didn't see this one: I'm taking the JLPT for a job! W0o. I've been studying Japanese for about..... 3 formal years, plus a few years independent study I guess. A lot of places look at you different if you have a paper saying you're proficient in this or that, and that's what the JLPT will be for me (assuming I pass :P) I'll be taking level 3 this year, and I'm tempted to just take level 2 instead. I can rock the socks off multiple choice exams, haha. I don't wanna push it though... the point is to pass, after all ;)

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Re: JLPT, Does it make you breakfast?

Post by Koyota » Sun 04.26.2009 4:36 am

I want to add the fact, that I can't for the life of me produce Japanese, yet I passed the JLPT2.
I see a kanji/word and I remember it's reading, what really helps is the fact the reading is given as one of the answers, thus sparking my memory, as oh yeah that one is right! I'd be dead in the water if they asked me to write in readings.

There's no way I could produce 70% of the words in just a natural conversation unless I had it written on my palm or something. I certainly can't in real time use them or the grammatical structures.

The test is a test to see if you know whatever or not someone else's Japanese is correct, not a test of whatever you are proficient in Japanese.

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Re: JLPT, Does it make you breakfast?

Post by johnstaf » Sun 08.09.2009 12:38 pm

I think the JLPT can be very useful in terms of motivation. I am taking the JLPT level 2 this December, and I am quite unlikely to pass it as it is as I don't have enough practice to be able to answer everything in the given time period for each paper, but as I am a disorganised student I need motivation to do those little things I would be likely to keep putting off otherwise. Even if I don't pass the test, I think I will have covered a lot of grammar, vocabulary and Kanji compounds that I would otherwise not get around to studying. So, even though I can't argue against many of the criticisms of the JLPT, I still find it very useful, and in my case trying to prepare for it is much more important than the outcome of the test. Still, the certificate would be nice :)

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