How fast do you move through your textbook?

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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Re: How fast do you move through your textbook?

Post by leonl » Mon 04.27.2009 6:04 pm

Triddy wrote:Hmm, I can provide somewhat relevant insight to leonl, I was in an identical situation.

For the first 8 chapters, it took me two weeks. Not each, but total. Trust me, the kanji in the first eight chapters are BEYOND simplistic. You will pick them up in the rest of the book. All the grammer and about 90% of the words were covered in my Japanese class. I just went through, did all the exercises, and listened to a few of the dialogs.

Beyond that, I average about a week and a half per lesson. I have the feeling that I am going slightly too fast, but at the same time, I can't see using more than 2 weeks per lesson. There are a couple of exceptions though. I had a terrible time with both Chapter 10, and Chapter 15. They introduced a bunch of new grammar, and the vocab was a bit out of order. These two took me two and a half weeks each.
Thank you, It looks I'll probably spend close to 3 weeks to a month on the first 8 chapters, but are situations are very simmilar
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Re: How fast do you move through your textbook?

Post by jcdietz03 » Fri 05.15.2009 7:17 pm

We use Nakama.
They follow this textbook almost to the letter. There's 12 chapters in book 1.
In "Elementary Japanese 1" they cover ch. 1 thru 5. In "Elementary Japanese 2" they cover ch. 6 thru 10.
The class meets twice a week for two hours for a semester.

There are 29 two-hour class periods in one semester. There are three exam periods where material is not taught. There is one class period each semester where textbook material is not taught. So in 26 class periods, 5 chapters are covered. About 10 hours of instruction per textbook chapter. One chapter is covered every two-and-half weeks, approximately.

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Re: How fast do you move through your textbook?

Post by selinangela » Mon 07.20.2009 8:42 pm

Less than 30 days

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Re: How fast do you move through your textbook?

Post by DarumaBlue » Tue 08.11.2009 4:56 pm

I was a self-studier through Genki I and the bulk of Genki II. When I finally got into a classroom environment for the rest of Genki II, I found the pace was somewhat similar. I started studing "Intermediate Japanese" (from the same publisher) on my own before the next school term was to start, and thought I was going at a reasonable pace. But the school I go to has a fairly notoriously good Japanese program, and they wrench every last drop of knowledge of these chapters, so it moves a bit slower. There's a lot of supplementary material too. If the textbook dabbles with keigo, for example, 先生 will usually bring in piles of other worksheets, learning materials, conversation practice, quizzes, etc.

So really, there's no answer. Move at a pace which YOU think keeps all that new knowledge in your brain.

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