Your local 4yr University

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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Your local 4yr University

Post by Infidel » Wed 08.12.2009 2:33 pm

Today, a few mins ago, I went into the ODU bookstore to see what kinds of Japanese books they were selling for the courses they were running, and was pleasantly surprised. They used to use Youkosou Japanese but have converted to Genki, but they had several other required books as well

1. Genki I and II softcover, with CDs and Workbook sold seperately.
2. Doeraemon Dokodemo no Nihongo.
3. Japanese Graded Readers 2, 3 and 4.
4. Random house J-E, E-J dictionary.
5. Manga Nihon Mukashi Banashi Ayashi no Ohanashi / Once upon a time in Ghostly Japan (it's a reader)
6. Read Real Japanese (another reader)
7. Kanji Learner's Dictionary
8. Japanese Verbs at a Glance
9. A nice Shoudou kit.
10. Paper for Shoudou practice.
11. Kanji Pict-o-graphix
12. Something else I'm forgetting.

4. Don't know why they didn't use a better dictionary than RH. RH is pretty much the worst of all the J-E, E-J dictionaries: no example sentences, no transitive/intransitive markers for verbs, it's all in roumaji. 1. It's nice that they used softcover. Sofcovers can be $50-100 cheaper than the hardback of the same title so especially nice for a student on a budget.

So this really highlights that it really is worth going to your local universitity and seeing what they have available. Some of these titles are almost never found at the local B&N or Borders.

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Re: Your local 4yr University

Post by lonelytraveler8 » Wed 08.12.2009 4:49 pm

I never thought of doing that. My school requires Genki I for its classes (there are only two, and I don't think they cover the entire book). They didn't have the workbook or CDs, either. The teacher handed out photocopies of the workbook and got permission from the publishers to copy her CDs to give to the class. That was really awesome, but so helpful to anyone outside the class. There are some larger universities around here that might have more to offer, though. Thanks for the tip.
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