another N00B

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another N00B

Post by sgtkwol » Sun 11.27.2005 1:00 am

...or is it ぬぶ?

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RE: another N00B

Post by faan-san » Sun 11.27.2005 7:07 am

o.o;; wouldn't it be written in katakana, making it?:

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RE: another N00B

Post by zengargoyle » Sun 11.27.2005 7:33 am

in non-leet speak:

ニュービー newbie
新米 (しんまい) (exp,n) new rice; novice; newbie; tyro; (P);

so maybe stretched out a bit depending on how you pronounce noob.
ヌーブ noobu or ヌービ noobi

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RE: another N00B

Post by Ongakuka » Sun 11.27.2005 8:11 am

Yes I would go with ニュービ since "Noob" is derived from "Newbie" being the original word. I know there are Katakana words shortened like "Terebi," but lets face it, nobody in Japan is going to walk around saying "Terebishion";)

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