Japanese: More expressive?

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Re: Japanese: More expressive?

Post by keatonatron » Thu 08.27.2009 9:29 pm

furrykef wrote:...they needed a new word to describe a concept, so they chose "bokeh".
I found an article that explains it! http://silverbased.org/bokeh-defined/

So bokeh is the type of blur that a specific lens produces, not just the blurriness of a picture. I hadn't got that from looking at the ways it was being used in other links in this thread.
astaroth wrote:I see your point. Just a couple of notes ...

panino is Italian for small bread, though the current meaning is sandwich: a generic sandwich, not grilled like in US.
I think the word we use in English comes from French and not Italian, which created the confusion :D (The French word probably came from Italian, but that makes it the fault of the French for changing the meaning and not us!)

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