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Kumiko chan
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Life Manga

Post by Kumiko chan » Fri 07.24.2009 10:06 am

Konnichiwa! I live in italy and I begun to read Life by Keiko suenobu, but in Italy there aren't all the mangas, so I didn't read the ending, I'm so sad about it, even if I watched the movie about it Iheard is different from the manga. Can anyone tell me how does it end or discuss with me about it! Arigatou!!

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Re: Life Manga

Post by Remiel » Sun 08.30.2009 2:27 am

Watch the drama too! I love it!
The manga seems to have only recently ended in Japan, hopefully they are still being released by tokyopop, it seems like it? has up to volume 11... seems like they are coming out slow though.

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