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Re: colloquial Japanese

Post by astaroth » Sun 09.06.2009 1:33 pm

phreadom wrote: I really don't want to sound like a grammar nazi here... but this word is one of my personal pet peeves. :)
You didn't sound a grammar nazi at all. Au contraire given the nature of the forum and the presence of many non-native speakers, I wouldn't like to "teach bad English" and I would like to thank you for correcting me.
And honestly I've also my pet peeves: both in Italian (subjunctive) and in English (its/it's and they're/their/there).

When I was writing I was like ... "irre ..., irregard ..., irregardly?! jeez what's the word?" I should have look it up on a dictionary.
Yudan Taiteki wrote: [...]
Well, don't worry too much -- I think the term "descriptivist" is very often used to mean "prescriptivism based on usage". I suppose in lenient prescriptivism that would make that use of "descriptivist" correct, so nobody should argue about that too much. :)
Unfortunately all this discussion is way over my head ... :?
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