People who have taken JLPT 3..

The test - experiences, questions or comments
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People who have taken JLPT 3..

Post by ハイド » Sun 09.06.2009 5:22 pm

What would you recommend studying? I study Japanese at an independent Japanese school, and my teacher says that level four would be too easy and a waste of my money. Therefore I've registered for 3. The practice sites I've been to haven't been that bad at all, but I'm still feeling like I'm taking a shot in the dark as to what I should be studying. Any recommendations from people who have taken it already? :)

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Re: People who have taken JLPT 3..

Post by Kakads » Sun 09.06.2009 6:49 pm

This book is very useful for the grammar portion of the exam: ... 267&page=1

I highly recommend it.

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Re: People who have taken JLPT 3..

Post by clay » Sun 09.06.2009 7:21 pm

And if you haven't taken the test before, you may want to pick up last years test ( or the compilation book from 2004-2006 ( You may not need it, but it would be very helpful for you to get a feel for the actual test--especially if you take the test within the actual test's time limits. Japanese language learning materials
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Re: People who have taken JLPT 3..

Post by katafei » Mon 09.07.2009 4:36 pm ... f=9&t=7580

Maybe this thread of the 2007 JLPT3 group will help you a bit (or confuse you terribly :mrgreen: )
I don't know which sites you have found already, but these might come in handy as well: ... ment3.html (pop-up)

and last but not least:
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Re: People who have taken JLPT 3..

Post by Pork Chop » Thu 09.10.2009 3:46 pm

i found the unicom book to be the single most beneficial resource to me when i was studying.

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