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Search User's posts

Spotted any errors or found anything that doesn't work?

Search User's posts

Postby Infidel » Thu 10.15.2009 1:56 am

So I was trying to find a recent thread that I replied to, but for some reason didn't seem to show on the index either. So I clicked on my name and chose search user's posts.

And I noticed very quickly that in most cases, the sample text was NOT my words, but someone else's.

In most cases this seems to be attributing whatever text is quoted by me to me. However, there is one message on page one that quoted Harisenbon that was attributed correctly. Everything else on page one that references a post where I quoted text, is quoting the quoted text, not my response.

This is a picture with the erroneous posts marked.

Actually, after all that effort, I still can't find the thread, I guess it was deleted by Mods.
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Re: Search User's posts

Postby chikara » Thu 10.15.2009 3:06 am

It takes the initial text in the post and ignores any tags so the text that you quoted is what shows in the search results"sample text". If you click on the post you are still taken to a post that you made.

I have seen this on other forums also.
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Re: Search User's posts

Postby phreadom » Thu 10.15.2009 4:35 am

It looks to me like the reason most don't work, and why harisenbon's did work is because the sample text for his included both the opening and closing quote tags. All the others seem to be truncated before they reached the closing quote tag and thus the initial quote tag is ignored as well.

Possibly a better solution would be to have the PHPBB developers add some code to strip out any quotes before creating the sample search text... but I'm guessing that the search text for those user post listings itself is taken from the basic search text which includes all the text in a post... so modifying this behavior would probably have negative performance ramifications etc (adding a redundant search index to the db, or adding additional parsing code to search results).

It's entirely possible that the fix would not be very complex... I just don't have the time or energy to really dig into it further right now, and it doesn't actually break anything... it just looks weird on the search results page.

Just a quirk that we work around for now I guess. :(
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