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RE: japanese schools

Post by Kates » Fri 12.02.2005 7:23 pm

tk101 wrote:
i reliezed that i would be representing my country... but what if there are preset prejudgces? then what would one do?
Well, I suppose you just have to educate the people you meet. (If they are willing to listen, that is.) But don't think that you can change the world, or even just one person's mind... Some people are too scared to let go of their prejudices or stereotypes, and there probably isn't much you can do to change that.

If someone asks you a 'stupid question' about your culture (like, how every time I ate in front of a new Japanese friend, they marvelled at my chopstick skills -_- )... just be patient, don't get upset or offended, and explain the truth to them. ('Yes, many Americans know how to use chopsticks,' or 'No, not all American schoolkids take guns to school'... -_- ) Sometimes it's hard not to have your feelings hurt, or maybe to laugh out loud... heh, just be patient and answer any questions they might have that you can answer for them. ^_^

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RE: japanese schools

Post by CAPiTUL » Thu 12.22.2005 10:55 am

As far as I know, if you want to go to college in Japan you have to know Japanese, as all courses are tought in Japanese. In some cases, you need to have passed a certain level of the proficiency test. Though, you might be able to get into an Intl. Expat school without these requirements. I was looking into getting a masters degree in economics from a japanese university, but i am not fluent enough to take courses comfortably.
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