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Essay Translation Editor

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Essay Translation Editor

Postby OversizedSpoon » Tue 10.20.2009 7:14 pm

I've been looking in on various discussions from time to time to learn from others about grammar and study habits but I haven't til now actually joined this wonderful community. I have quite a daunting task and was hoping I could find some assistance here.
I've been studying Japanese off and on since high school but only recently has it been formally. I'm currently in the second year of language courses at Central Washington University. I have applied for a study abroad program to the Kyoto Institute of Foreign Studies as I believe actually being there and using the language daily is the best way to learn. One of the requirements is a 250 word essay written in Japanese. I have no problem writing essays but the translation will be tricky for me as I am still a relative beginner knowing just 200 kanji or so and have only recently been introduced to plain style speech. I understand written Japanese closely resembles the plain style with a few grammatical differences.
I am sure the selection committee doesn't expect my paper to be perfect and in truth it will likely be of 2nd grade reading level, but I would hope that it will at least be readable. Is it possible any members here in need of a good chuckle and versed in the written style could spare some time to read my paper and give a few pointers?

Thank you for the encouragement!
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Re: Essay Translation Editor

Postby clay » Wed 10.21.2009 10:03 am

Feel free to post what you have. If someone has time, you'll probably get some feedback.

They are probably looking to ascertain your Japanese level so it should be representative of what you know.

Thanks for joining!
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Written v. Speaking forms

Postby OversizedSpoon » Wed 10.28.2009 10:21 am

I've already turned the translation in but thank you very much. I didn't want to post an 8x11 page worth of text and scare people off. I'm sure I did horribly and the translation is hardly recognizable.

I am still unclear on the differences between written style and speaking styles though. Written is like plain speech using
た/て forms in the place of ますforms andである in place of です. With some exceptions. I've seen ます still used with phrases like と思う or is that in plain/direct speech? You see, I'm not sure. Is there a good thread that has or is discussing this?
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