Hi there~ ^-^

New members may introduce themselves in this forum
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Hi there~ ^-^

Post by kuroi_neko » Mon 12.05.2005 6:11 pm

So~, I'm new here, too! I 'accidently' found this site and think it's great. My knowledge in japanese is still almost non-existant, but I try my best and this page is a big help ^-^v

Well, i could as well introduce myself a bit..
I'm 18 years young and from Germany. My love for Japan started when I read my first manga (Angel Sanctuary~), then later a friend of mine gave me some japanese music. Well, I fell in love with it immediately. I prefer the "older" JRock and Visual Kei bands (XJapan(!), Luna Sea, Malice Mizer, Dir en grey,...), but I also listen to some newer stuff (Nightmare, Moi Dix Mois, Gazette,...). Actually, the music was the reason for me to start learning japanese, plus I think it's just a beautiful language.
In fact, these two things are my main hobbies, languages (old ones, for example hebrew, persian, asian languages in general) and music (Metal, Rock, Punk, etc.). I love listening to both of them ^-^° Besides of these, I also draw sometimes. I started manga-style, but I guess I'm better with fan-arts....Feel free to have a look at my DeviantArt http://xxkuroinekoxx.deviantart.com/, that's were I uploaded some of my pics. I'm always happy about critics and tips on how I could do better drawings ^-^v

Well, now, enough babbling 'bout me...^-^°
BaiBai~! :D
~the kitten
Found faults? You may keep them ;p
{Sorry, I\'m not a native speaker ^-^°}

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RE: Hi there~ ^-^

Post by Zeo » Mon 12.05.2005 6:40 pm

Hello, hello! ^_^

Welcome to this page :D Have fun learning japanese :)

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