I'm a newby, please be gentle with me...

New members may introduce themselves in this forum
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I'm a newby, please be gentle with me...

Post by StanTheMan » Tue 12.06.2005 3:05 pm

Hi everyone...
I have just found this site, whilst searching for info on nikyu JLPT testing and the like.
Looks like a damn well put together site, lots of useful bits and pieces, most especially the kanji pages.
Yes, I know, it is a terrible thing to introduce yourself in English, but here are my 2 excuses...it is not my PC and has no "JP" installed, I'd not be able to say hi to the folks who are too new to Japanese to read my message.
Been enjoying Japanese learning for a year or few, hoped to do nikyu this year but realised it is a bit late in the year to apply (my fault).
Be nice to speak (type I suppose) to some of you guys once I get to know you, and then slyly start picking your brains about how to get back to Japan, having used up my "one year working holiday visa". Just gave up (terrible, I know) in my second year of Japanese at university (but much more than half of the course was not language work and the cost in the UK is massive!!)

Thanks to Clay for (taking much time I assume) putting together this wonderfully useful looking site.

Bye for now, be well and happy......Stan(TheMan) :-)
...said Stan, but he might be wrong.

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RE: I'm a newby, please be gentle with me...

Post by faan-san » Tue 12.06.2005 3:10 pm

Konnichiwa. Hajimemashite. Douzo yoroshiku.

Welcome. ^_^ I hope you find the site helpful...if not...at least find it entertaining. lol.
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RE: I'm a newby, please be gentle with me...

Post by Zeo » Tue 12.06.2005 5:38 pm

Hello, hello!

Welcome to this site! :D I'm sure you'll find it helpful :)

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RE: I'm a newby, please be gentle with me...

Post by Yurei-chan » Tue 12.06.2005 6:49 pm

Atashi no namae Yurei-chan desu. I'm pretty much a newbie too *sigh*
Hope you're having fun like I am!:D
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