Business Japanese

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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Business Japanese

Post by cocosushi » Sun 12.20.2009 4:39 pm

Do you know any useful textbooks or useful sites where I can learn the vocab. for business Japanese! Thanks! :mrgreen:

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Re: Business Japanese

Post by Infidel » Sun 12.20.2009 5:26 pm

Japanese for Busy People is specifically aimed at Business Japanese.
Ultimate Japanese also seemed to have a strong Business/Diplomacy leaning.
Barron's Japanese, which is a more solo version of Elanor Harz Jordan's Japanese the Spoken Language college course, should also be good. Still needs updating, but should have lots of drills that do anyone some good. Of these three I prefer Ultimate Japanese.

You'll notice that textbooks with a Business orientation tend to be designed for learning to speak quickly and put learning to write on the back-burner. This is not necessarily a bad thing because once you know a lot of vocabulary and grammar, it will be much easier to learn to write later. And by concentrating on speaking, you can be productive much quicker.

There are some other textbooks that are orientated towards a business setting, but they aren't coming to mind as I never used them myself. Shin no Nihongo maybe.

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Re: Business Japanese

Post by clay » Sun 12.20.2009 7:17 pm

There is Business Japanese: and Japanese for Professionals too:

I haven't used either very much and I am not at the office to look through them, but I believe both are vocabulary building textbooks (vocab lists with exercises). Japanese language learning materials
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Re: Business Japanese

Post by chikara » Sun 12.20.2009 8:00 pm

Infidel wrote:Japanese for Busy People is specifically aimed at Business Japanese....
That may be true but it won't give you much of a business vocab. I have all three books.

I have a couple of older books which were given to me called Japanese Business Glossary and Japanese Business Glossary II by Mistubishi Corporation. They contain short explanations, in both English and Japanese, of terms used in Japanese business. It appears that these books are no longer in print but secondhand copies are available.

Business Japanese recommended by Clay-san above looks like a good choice.
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