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今日は、I'm New Here

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今日は、I'm New Here

Postby bluesnow » Tue 12.06.2005 7:03 pm

I'm new here and just saying hi to everyone. :D

I've been studying japanese for two years now (not in school, my school's to cheap to afford teachers for anything but french and spanish). I've been studying mostly online, on wonderful sites like this, I have a few books, but they aren't very good. I know most of the basic level 4 kanji, and most of the basic grammer principles, but it the long list of vocab inbetween that you just can't do without. If anyone knows of any good books to learn, please say because i'd like to ask my friends for oen or two for christmas (19 days yeah!) :D
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RE: 今日は、I'm New Here

Postby Qbe » Wed 12.07.2005 10:31 am

If you have a bit of Japanese and need more vocabulary and grammar, Japanese for Everyone may be a good choice. It's cheap, it piles on the vocab, and it ramps up quickly. If you have the discipline to stick with it and master each lesson, it'll take you a long way.
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RE: 今日は、I'm New Here

Postby Zeo » Wed 12.07.2005 6:27 pm

Hello, hello!

Welcome to this site :) :D
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RE: 今日は、I'm New Here

Postby Sachi » Wed 12.07.2005 8:59 pm

Hello, and welcome! I only have tried one textbook, and it's extremely effective, but it may be too basic for someone with 2 years of studying. Genki I is the name, BTW. I've been studying 7 months online like this, and finally decided to get a textbook, and I learned more in 2 weeks with it than 7 months on the internet! So, that's a pretty impressive number for ME, I'd say! Just a quick learning rate ^_~ But everyone's different. Sorry I can't be more helpful! XD
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RE: 今日は、I'm New Here

Postby huskobon » Wed 12.07.2005 9:19 pm

Konnichiwa bluesnow san! Hajimemashite! :D

I am still learning Japanese. I have a few books, one I can recommend. One is..

Turtle Language Library: A Guide to Reading and Writting Japanese.
" A comprehensive Guide to the Japanese Writing System"

It tells ALL the Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana characters. It shows to even writen them step by step also.
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RE: 今日は、I'm New Here

Postby hlover100 » Thu 12.08.2005 1:59 pm

dozo yoroshiku! Hajimemashite, Ai! I'm a new here too. (just registered today as a matter of fact.):D
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