Nippon The Land and It's People

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Nippon The Land and It's People

Post by Elariah » Thu 01.14.2010 9:34 am

Awhile ago a friend of mine gave me a copy of this book (currently trying to locate it amongst boxes :( ) but I'm wondering is it a useful resource for learning about Japan? It's an old soft leather bound 1984 edition one I've got.

I know this one is both in English and Japanese, so figure it'd be good to read as it's something I can read in both languages (until I get much better at japanese atleast).

So yeah, is this book a good one to read to learn more about Japan, or if not can someone recommend one? :)


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Re: Nippon The Land and It's People

Post by two_heads_talking » Thu 01.14.2010 1:13 pm

as a book of general knowledge, I'd say it couldn't hurt. Japan has changed quite a bit since I was there in 1987-1989 (so this being a few years older than that, I'd say the info would be slightly outdated. But, not so outdated that reading the book would send you the wrong direction.

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