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Kanji Recognition Software??

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Kanji Recognition Software??

Postby Kailene » Sun 01.24.2010 11:33 pm

I'm guessing that it's non-existent, but I figured I'd ask you guys anyways. You know, with all the crazy technology out there, there is a slim possibility, I guess.

Anywho, I'm in a 5000 level Japanese literature class right now, and it's KILLER. By that, I mean we're reading hardcore traditional literature without furigana, and it's a nasty business. The focus of the class is supposed to be on actually analyzing the content and less on translation, but we're given such massive chunks of text overload with kanji that it's become the focus just reading through the text.

So I figured I'd ask. Any idea if there's a program out there that would recognize a scanned document's kanji? I believe such a thing exists in English, but I think it's too much to hope for in Japanese...
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Re: Kanji Recognition Software??

Postby chikara » Mon 01.25.2010 2:00 am

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Re: Kanji Recognition Software??

Postby becki_kanou » Mon 01.25.2010 6:28 am

It also comes as a feature on many Japanese cell phones if that's any help.
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Re: Kanji Recognition Software??

Postby Ben Bullock » Mon 01.25.2010 10:11 am

Kailene wrote: Any idea if there's a program out there that would recognize a scanned document's kanji?

Yomitori kakumei (読み取り革命) is excellent. There is a free trial version you can use for I think twenty days.
There is also one built into Microsoft Office, if you have that. It's not as good as Yomitori Kakumei though.
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