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Postby spank » Fri 12.09.2005 5:26 pm

is anyone else getting sick of seeing 'kanakoko' 's face at the bottom right corner of this page? i mean, i know she's good looking and all, but i don't like being reminded of how hot she is when i'm studying kanji and grammar.

it arouses in me a desire to do something other than japanese....
well i guess i would be fantasizing about doing a japanese.....

ps. it is always bright
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RE: friends

Postby Daisuke » Fri 12.09.2005 5:36 pm

And with this post you are trying to saaaaaay.. ?

I don't see the relevance with this..
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RE: friends

Postby spank » Fri 12.09.2005 6:30 pm

why is she there if not to arouse us?
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RE: friends

Postby aoeuaoeuaoeu » Fri 12.09.2005 10:57 pm

See it as motivation.
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RE: friends

Postby Harisenbon » Fri 12.09.2005 11:09 pm

If you're using Firefox, you can just right click it and choose "block images from"

I don't mind it as much as the ads on the right that inform me that I can get my American Greencard for free from their company... Even though I'm an american citizen. ;)
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RE: friends

Postby spank » Sat 12.10.2005 2:13 am

damn, i had no idea i could block her face like that. hahahaha

victory is mine!!!

doesn't she look kinda chubby?:D
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RE: friends

Postby sans honte » Tue 12.13.2005 2:05 pm

Well, Miss Kanakoko isn't the only one out there. There's this girl who says she's a model or something, this guy who's been raised in Hawaii... I just wish there'd be more people, I've only seen like 5.

Well, it's not like I want to get to know them, I just find their descriptions funny. "It is always bright", yeah, right girl, whatever you say....
sans honte
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RE: friends

Postby Mariya » Tue 12.13.2005 2:26 pm

*chuckle* I see this Chasen dude at the moment. I'd say he's pretty annoying too..

See it as motivation.

Lol! :D
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