Typos/misgivings about Japanese in Mangaland

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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Typos/misgivings about Japanese in Mangaland

Post by Miaow » Thu 02.04.2010 6:20 pm

Awhile back I bought the entire Japanese in Mangaland series, as my current goal is to be able to read manga (mostly titles geared to middle school age kids) without constant reference to dictionaries. It seemed like such an *awesome* concept, this series of books geared to the self-studying manga enthusiast rather than the businessperson or people more focused on actual interaction in Japan, which unfortunately won't be in my future for a looooooong time....

But I've found so many typos in the English, it has me hesitant to use it for serious study since I keep wondering if the Japanese text has typos too....

Has anyone here finished all three books and found that your ability to read manga (at least kids') has increased dramatically?

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Re: Typos/misgivings about Japanese in Mangaland

Post by Qaantar » Sat 02.06.2010 8:57 am


I, too, had picked up the whole series. I do recall their being some Japanese-related typos, but I don't recall there being too many.

The books don't cover anything terribly different from other grammar books. The manga examples are all well-explained, so that was nice, but they are all tacked on at the end. That is, wordy grammar lesson first, then manga. Honestly, the manga don't add much that written examples couldn't add. If I hadn't already had a good grasp on most of the grammar, I probably would have found the books to be more frustrating.

There were, however, lots of extra 'nuggets' of useful info buried in the books, and I used them to plus up this book the JLPT 3 Master grammar book (http://www.thejapanshop.com/product.php ... 267&page=1).

The worst books I've found for errors in the actual Japanese are the "tucan" series "Nihongo Challenge JLPT 3 Grammar and Reading Practice" (http://www.thejapanshop.com/product.php ... 267&page=1). These have lots of errors, which is a shame, because the Kanji guide (on origins) was actually extremely interesting.

Hope that helps.

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