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Help with sms translation

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Help with sms translation

Postby nmlss » Sun 12.11.2005 7:12 am

Recently I received this message, but I'm not able to translate it


maybe and probably it is not written as it should be, but some kind of translation must exist
I would appreciate any help
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RE: Help with sms translation

Postby Harisenbon » Sun 12.11.2005 8:50 am

It really sounds like gibberish. The words are all (mostly) correct, but it makes no sense (at least that I and the wife can figure out).
Here's a breakdown
あなたは -- You
私も -- me too
夢中な石を -- the stone I'm obsessed with
躓いている -- To trip on (like a stone)

Anyone else with better ideas?
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RE: Help with sms translation

Postby AJBryant » Sun 12.11.2005 11:50 am

Nope, looks like you nailed down the gibberish pretty well. I really have trouble with gibberish -- especially when it's (1) Romaji-fied, and (2) oddly spaced. It just doesn't strike my brainsack as "Japanese" and... man, it gives me headaches.

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