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Pipil pronunciation

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Pipil pronunciation

Postby Dehitay » Mon 03.08.2010 12:20 pm

Is anybody here familiar enough with pipil or knows anybody familiar with pipil to the point where they can tell me the pronunciation of the word "teyollocuani"? Pipil isn't really the most popular of languages, so I don't know anything about it other than the fact that it comes from somewhere around South America. Consequently, I can only guess that it would pronounced in the way that it would be pronounced in Spanish. But the Spanish pronunciation of yollo is a bit weird so I'm not sure that's right.
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Re: Pipil pronunciation

Postby phreadom » Tue 03.09.2010 3:32 am

I have no idea... but I'm curious what brought this question about. :) Are you studying south American languages or culture or something?
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Re: Pipil pronunciation

Postby furrykef » Tue 03.09.2010 4:04 am

Can't say I'm familiar with Pipil at all, but it's quite possible that the spelling is a hispanicization... I first thought maybe the 'll' is simply a long L sound, but Wikipedia says, "One other characteristic phonological feature is the merger in Pipil of original geminate [ll] with single [l]" -- suggesting that Pipil doesn't have a long L at all.

The 'll' might be the sound typically spelled 'tl', though "teyotlocuani" and "teyotloquani" get no google hits.

If it is indeed a hispanicized spelling, it's curious that the word has both "y" and "ll", as many dialects of Spanish don't distinguish these two sounds, and the 'll' sound doesn't appear to be a feature of Pipil pronunciation, nor do I see anything similar beyond the 'tl' sound.

Perhaps your best bet might be to e-mail the webmaster of this page...
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