Konnichi wa!

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Kenesu Mori
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Konnichi wa!

Post by Kenesu Mori » Sun 12.11.2005 1:57 pm

Hey everyone my name is Ken. I知 obviously new here, but not new to the forum world. It was hard for me at first to find a good site to learn Japanese on because every site I came across had a demo, then you paid for the rest... After I searched enough I found this one. I love it! I have been studying, and writing ever since.

I have a great passion and love for the country Japan and the people who live there. Being in the Navy I hope to visit there someday, and maybe make it my permanent home. So I would like to thank all those who make this site possible for giving me the chance to learn the language of the country I adore so much.

Doumo arigatou gozaimasu!

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RE: Konnichi wa!

Post by Mariya » Sun 12.11.2005 2:45 pm

こんいちわ!Welcome to TJP.com! I guarantee you'll enjoy it here and learn lots. :D

Navy, huh? Wow. Must be a tough job, I'm assuming..?

Feel free to ask any question, join any conversations, etc. Just make yourself at home, okay?

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RE: Konnichi wa!

Post by Sachi » Sun 12.11.2005 4:13 pm

Welcome ^^ You can call me Sachi, and trust me, you'll learn a lot here. Everyone has been really helpful to me, and I've gotten a lot of answers. So basically, if you're self-studying at TJP, you're not really self-studying, are you? ^^

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RE: Konnichi wa!

Post by Zeo » Sun 12.11.2005 4:53 pm


Welcome to this site. And you will learn alot here, impossible not to ;)

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RE: Konnichi wa!

Post by Daisuke » Sun 12.11.2005 5:19 pm

Hey.. Well TJP.com is free place at least.. Have a nice time studying! :)

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