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Love for the Unexisted?

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Love for the Unexisted?

Postby ゆえっち » Tue 03.09.2010 11:17 pm

konnichiwa minna-san :) can someone translate the sentence: "Love for the Unexisted" to japanese. lolz. nvm if it's a bother.
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Re: Love for the Unexisted?

Postby becki_kanou » Wed 03.10.2010 12:32 am

Hello and welcome to TJP.
I recommend you read the forum rules a bit before posting. (You had originally posted this question to an unrelated thread, but it's since been moved.)

As for your question, I'm uncertain about the meaning of the original English. Could you perhaps elaborate a bit for us?
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Re: Love for the Unexisted?

Postby chikara » Wed 03.10.2010 1:30 am

Welcome and what becki-san said :)

ゆえっち wrote:... "Love for the Unexisted" .....

Do you mean "nonexistent"? There is no such word in English as "unexisted".
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Re: Love for the Unexisted?

Postby burstandbloom » Wed 03.10.2010 1:54 am

Tried this for the heck of it.
But maybe that sounds weird in Japanese I don't know. Again, it even sounds kind of strange in English I suppose..

存在「そんざい」"sonzai": existence;being.
対する「たいする」"taisuru" : to be in response to (in this context I believe, it also has other definitions.)
愛情 「あいじょう」"aijyou":affection
Suppose 愛 might just be appropriate.

I found the grammar point: 〜に対する愛 - love for, and worked from there. Maybe this works? I'd like to know now too, this is just my guess...

and Becki-san is right;
日本語を一歩一歩勉強して、頑張ってください。 :)
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Re: Love for the Unexisted?

Postby furrykef » Wed 03.10.2010 8:58 am

ゆえっち wrote:konnichiwa minna-san :)

I just thought I'd point out that "mina-san" only has one "n" (well, not counting the one in "san"). "Minna" can take two n's, but when you add "-san", for some reason you can only use one.
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