Need help with homework

Feel free to practice writing in Japanese or romaji. Help each other out with corrections or replying back in Japanese
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Need help with homework

Post by tjpuser » Sun 03.14.2010 10:20 pm

Hi guys, I need help with a homework which requires me to write about my hobbies (3) and why i like them. I am a beginner level 1 student and so there's not much that i can write about. this is what i have so far which is simple and short.

I have an essay exam tomorrow so I tried using some new stuff to prepare for it in the answer so that i can have feedback if any of them are wrong. I find it quite hard to write/translate with limited grammar and vocab.

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Re: Need help with homework

Post by NileCat » Tue 03.16.2010 9:36 am

Good work, tjpuser.
I like your writing.


→ななさい(or 七さいで or 7さいで) or ななさいのときに

→インタネット (the "bar" has to be vertical like "l")
→ゲム (game)is not ゲム

→Delete the first ""

→"きかてから" is wrong. "おんがくをきくと" would be what you want to say.
or "おんがくをきいていると" perhaps.

→ うた
→ すきです

→ I don't know what you mean by "さは".
→ "えいがです。" or "えいがをみることです。"

→ おもしくて、いいす。(る&ろ is confuing. And small dotts are important!)

→ Perfect!.

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