Elderly Japanese increasingly turn to petty crime

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Re: Elderly Japanese increasingly turn to petty crime

Post by Hektor6766 » Sat 04.03.2010 7:44 pm

My parents sure didn't ask for me. :D

They didn't ask for the Great Depression or WWII, either. But my mom took in laundry and my Dad went to Utah in the CCC and then for a 3-year European vacation. The hardest part for him was not knowing just who his artillery might have killed. Now that they're both gone, I'd move heaven and earth to give them one more happy day together.

Personally, When I'm too old and feeble, they can put me out on the curb for pick up. But I'm just too mean to go quietly. I lived through the Reagan Revolution, so I know that if I lose all my limbs, I'll just have to pull myself by my chin to work at that charitable business that guaranteed a place for me. But I wish the rest of you didn't have it so hard. Maybe, if we cared a little more for each other, old people wouldn't have to resort to this kind of enterprise. and there'd be more sites like this and less porn.

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Re: Elderly Japanese increasingly turn to petty crime

Post by sukoemi » Wed 05.12.2010 3:02 am

Getting back to the story of elderly people stealing.It is sad about the trend of goverments,power and corruption going hand in hand these days.People who worked hard all their life for very little shouldn't need to worry about their lively hood being stolen from those who have the most.I do admire that the security companies are turning a blind eye in most cases.Let's face it they're not robbing banks here.Let's all hope we don't find ourselves in situation that there will be no one to care for us or that we have trouble providing ourselves with the bare neccesities of life.What we have today could be gone tomorrow.Storms come and go and nothing remains the same.No ones life is exempt from any possibility.Live,learn and respect the elderly.They've been here the longest and can teach us the most.

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