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みんな、こんにちは! ^^

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みんな、こんにちは! ^^

Postby Phurdonk » Tue 12.13.2005 10:47 pm

ハイ~! :)
とにかく、どうぞよろしく! ;)

Hi~! :)
I'm Phurdonk and I think studying Japanese is very enjoyable. I'm 18 years old and I live in New Zealand. I've studied Japanese for 3 years and it's a very interesting and fun language. However, it's difficult to learn!
Anyway, pleased to meet you! ;)

* If you spot any mistakes, please tell me. I'm a bit rusty as I've stopped studying Japanese for about a year now. But, I'm picking up where I left off next year. :D
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