I recently visited the country - Returning thoughts

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I recently visited the country - Returning thoughts

Post by Sivak » Tue 06.22.2010 1:59 am

I don't really use this site often, but felt I should write about this.

Anyway, I was over there for 3 weeks via a study abroad program and it was pretty fun. Akihabara was probably the most fun place for someone like me, but there was certainly more to it than that. 8)

The people we met were all nice and it's that kind of feeling that makes me want to be there right now. I'm hoping to return via a program that involves being an assistant to an English teacher and it could conceivably last for a while. I'd like to do it. It would be way better than my dull job and I have heard of people doing this from our university in the past.

With the group, we were pretty much introduced to students, though with this program I wonder just how hard it is to make new friends due to being a foreigner. I've gotten 2 years of language study done and can do a very basic conversation. Doing one more of course.

Anyone have any thoughts on the matter? Thanks.

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Re: I recently visited the country - Returning thoughts

Post by aciara14 » Tue 06.22.2010 4:56 am

As a foreigner, I think it is fairly easy to make friends (even without much Japanese ability, as some people can speak English well). Sometimes those relationships can take longer to develop than western relationships, (to the depth that tends to happen in close relationships in Western countries) but on the average, it seems that many Japanese people are more open in their friendships with foreigners (at least in my experience and observations).

In summary, I don't think it will be difficult for you to make new friends if you were to live in Japan.

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Re: I recently visited the country - Returning thoughts

Post by Reft » Thu 06.24.2010 8:43 pm

It depends on a lot of things, particularly location and work situation, it may be easier to make friends your own age living in the city than it would out in the countryside just due to the difference in numbers. You may make friends quicker studying at university than you would working as a teacher. But as always effects vary from person to person.

I agree with the above person, I think you will be fine. Particularly people who have an interest in English and foreign exchange will be easy to make friends with.

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