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View topic - 春香... is this a real name?

春香... is this a real name?

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春香... is this a real name?

Postby aikankoku » Sat 06.26.2010 4:23 am

I have been searching on Google if this was a real name or just a nickname, and all I can find is cartoon and soap operas girls... :think:

So are there persons with this name?
韓國語를 愛.
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Re: 春香... is this a real name?

Postby NileCat » Sat 06.26.2010 9:31 am

春香(はるか) sounds a proper and lovely real name to me.
If anything, it seems to be a name of relatively new generation. I mean, I would be a little bit surprised if the person was 80 years old.
I don't have any statistics though, I think it's one of kind of popular names today.
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Re: 春香... is this a real name?

Postby toilet » Sun 09.05.2010 5:15 am

Yes, a group of students recently visited my school. One of them was named 春香!
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