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Hey! I recognised that!!!

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Hey! I recognised that!!!

Postby Snowflake » Sun 08.08.2010 6:39 pm

As part of my multimedia Japanese exposure study plan, I often watch Japanese movies. Good exposure to spoken language in action, exposure to Japanese culture and often good stories! Wins all around! Because I'm still a beginner, I watch with subtitles.

Anyway, last night's movie was Tokyo Sonata. Imagine my delight when I found myself catching not one, not two but quite a few words and phrases as they were spoken, before I read the subs! It really made me feel as if I'm making progress with my studies! Hooray! :dance:

Today I watched about an hour again, this time without subs. Of course, this time I knew what was going on and could anticipate words and phrases I knew, but it was still a joy to hear them and KNOW I knew them.

By the way, I found Tokyo Sonata to be very engrossing. It's a character study of a contemporary family whose lives are disrupted when dad is suddenly outsourced from his job but can't bring himself to tell the family.
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Re: Hey! I recognised that!!!

Postby TJack » Mon 08.09.2010 12:32 pm

I know that great feeling when you can understand even a little of the dialog, Snowflake. Once, I was watching some random anime without subtitles, and I understood two complete sentences and I was very happy about it. Granted, the sentences were 大丈夫ですか and 行きましょう, but I was happy nonetheless. :D
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Re: Hey! I recognised that!!!

Postby furrykef » Mon 08.09.2010 8:37 pm

Yep. I've had experiences like that playing through the Japanese version of Yoshi's Island (or "Yossy Island" as it says on the box). Granted, it's much easier to recognize stuff in writing than in speech...
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Re: Hey! I recognised that!!!

Postby The Lady Ashuko » Fri 08.13.2010 10:04 pm

Usually my equivalent is catching words/phrases in J-pop lyrics. Whenever I'd catch one I'd translate it for my mom ^^ In movies/dramas what usually end up happening is I read the subtitle and predict the Japanese (I'm a very fast reader) this causes problems when watching movies in other languages, particularly Korean.
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