Can you use だけ And しか Like this?

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Can you use だけ And しか Like this?

Post by kentaku_sama » Tue 08.31.2010 9:57 am

I was wondering if dake and shika can be used anywhere like this:

Mori can break a door down just by using brute force marry laughed. (Brute force only)

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Re: Can you use だけ And しか Like this?

Post by NileCat » Tue 08.31.2010 12:17 pm

腕力だけ is totally fine in your sentence.
But the usage of 様に doesn't seem good here.

If you get rid of the 様に,
would sound fine.

Just one thing I'd like to make sure is:

Does the "break a door down" mean "to break it into pieces"?
砕く sounds like that. Something like 森さんは腕力だけで岩(a chunk of rock)を砕けるんです。
If you want to refer to "open a locked door by breaking it", 壊す or (ぶち)破る or こじ開ける would be appropriate.

If I translate the English sentence into Japanese, my version would be:

And are you asking if しか is interchangeable with the だけ here? The answer is no.
森さんには腕力しかない。(否定的) only thing (ability) he has
「しか」 is usually followed by 「ない」.

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