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Postby rachxo » Mon 09.06.2010 7:00 pm

Can someone please help explain the usage of ~te okeba yokatta with some examples.I am finding difficulty in trying to translate a few sentences with that. also... you ni is confusing me as well... here is a sentence I need to translate..となりの席の友達がいくら飲み過ぎないように言っても、ずっと飲みつづけていました。

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Re: 〜ておけばよかった

Postby becki_kanou » Tue 09.07.2010 1:30 am

Hello and Welcome to TJP!

For your first question, Do you already understand 〜ておく and 〜ばよかった?

1.〜ておくdoesn't correspond very well to anything in English, but it basically means to do something now in preparation for some future eventuality, or to prepare something in advance. It's often abbreviated to 〜とく and its various conjugated forms are then 〜といて(〜ておいて) 、とこう(〜ておこう)、〜とけ(〜ておけ) etc.

Here are some examples from Google:
Let's try and save (money) when we can (because we may need it later)
Things we'd like you to be careful about regarding a rental contract (so you don't run into trouble later)
A few dishes that are convenient to freeze in advance (so you can eat the later with no fuss)

2. 〜ばよかった is used to talk about regret for some past action and can be variously translated as "I wish I had" or "It would have been better if I had" or "I should have"

Here are some examples from Google:
I wish I had asked for advice earlier.
I should have brought my tripod with me!
I wish I had been a children's author.

3. 〜ておけばよかった is just a combination of the two meaning "I should have done X in the past, in preparation for this eventuality"

Here are some examples from Google:
I wish I had studied harder as a student. (Then maybe I'd know more/have a better job.)
I should have made a reservation. (Then I would have been able to go.)
What do you wish you had done when you were younger? (...because now it's too late)

4. となりの席の友達がいくら飲み過ぎないように言っても、ずっと飲みつづけていました。
I'll let someone else handle this one, but first give us your best shot at translating it.
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Re: 〜ておけばよかった

Postby rachxo » Tue 09.07.2010 2:08 am

Thank you very much for all the examples and detailed explanation. I am going to go over everything you have written and study my best! I am trying to go over as many grammar points for the JLPT exam in December! Ganbarimasu!! :)
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