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Postby JohnH » Fri 12.16.2005 4:04 am

Hello all. My name is John.

I'm 41, but look younger..hahaha...and I'm in the USAF. I spent 11 years in Japan and loved it. I was at Misawa Air Base, Tohoku, Aomori Prefecture.

I'm married to a lovely Japanese lady and have an (almost) 11 month old daugher. We hope to come back to Japan with the Air Force, but if not, then we will move there when I retire. :-)

I hope to have fun here, and hope to learn to speak alot of Japanese!!

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RE: greetings

Postby mandolin » Fri 12.16.2005 4:32 am

How lucky!

Your study will go very quickly with your wife there to encourage and help you practice! I am envious of you for that.

Congrats on the baby... I'm 11 months late, but they're still so little and squeaky at that age. I have two of my own, but they're four and five years old now. Still fun, but sometimes I miss the infants they used to be. :)

Welcome to TJP, John!

gambatte kudasai!
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RE: greetings

Postby JohnH » Fri 12.16.2005 6:44 am

Arrigato Mandolin :-)
My wife, Naoko, is teaching me, but i learn more from listening to her talking to Sachi.
I know what you mean about missing the infant stage. I have two daughters (14 and 10) from my first marriage. time FLIES!!
I hope to live in Nagano prefecture when I retire from the Air Force. It's absolutely beautiful up there in the mountains. After spending 11 years in Aomori, which is very pretty itself, the mountains would be a nice change.
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RE: greetings

Postby Zeo » Fri 12.16.2005 7:20 am

Hello JohnH.

Welcome to this site:)
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RE: greetings

Postby Mariya » Fri 12.16.2005 7:50 am

Konnichiwa, welcome to the site. 11 years? O.O Wow!! *tries to imagine that* Hope you enjoy it here, if you have any questions or discussion points then post away! ^.^

See you around the forums~!
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RE: greetings

Postby JohnH » Sat 12.17.2005 2:01 am

Thanks for the welcome....:D you guys are awesome!

Yup...11 years in Japan, but out of two tours with the Air Force. 7 years the first time and 4 years the second time. I didnt want to leave, and cant wait to get back there.

All my time was spent in Aomori Prefecture, but I did travel around quite a bit. not as much as I wanted to, but I'll see the rest of Japan someday.

Thanks again!!

See you all in the forums. I hope I can make some good contributions. ;-)
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