Doozo Yoroshiku, ^^!

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Doozo Yoroshiku, ^^!

Post by butIdoLOVEyoU » Sat 09.11.2010 9:07 pm


I go by the username butIdoLOVEyoU or Junnosuke__sama, but you can refer to me as Nana.

Currently, I am a college sophomore majoring in Japanese studies. For the past two years I've been learning Japanese on my own. However, the results aren't as impressive due to the fact that I lack consistency. Though, I have yet to give up! In fact, I recently began to learn Japanese at a college level. Had I actually taken my self-teaching seriously, I wouldn't have to start from beginners all over again. :sweatdrop:

Anyway, I dream of going to Japan. I'm actually in the progress of applying for study abroad programs. It won't be anytime soon seeing as I want to go in the spring, when I'm a sannensee. So. . .roughly a year from now? I think my Japanese would have improved dramatically by then, which is the reason why I am joining this forum. I need a place where fellow Japanese scholars will share some of their motivation, lol. And well . . . one of the programs I am applying for suggested this site, :D .

So yeah~! Any one willing to become my study-buddy. It does me no good to learn when I'm not putting it into practice. And if you're wondering I'm very much into Jpop, Jdorama and Jentertainment.

Lol, I think I wrote too much and did too little of introducing myself~!

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Re: Doozo Yoroshiku, ^^!

Post by Hai-San » Sun 09.12.2010 10:12 am

Konnichiwa Nana!

Welcome to the forum! :D
I don't think I will be able to participate as your study-buddy, due to my japanese
I'm on a beginner level :sweatdrop: However I'm sure you will find someone here! :dance:

Again Welcome and don't forget to join the chatrooms!

Cheers, Hai-San :ninja:
Love making distance-friendships, chat n talk... Just add me on your friendslist! =)

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