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Postby SomeStupidName » Wed 09.15.2010 3:37 pm

I've seen this phrase ending sentences similar to where じゃありません is used. Guessing from the contexts I've seen it in, it seems to mean something to the effect of "don't treat it like..." or "it's not like it's [like that]". Am I wrong? And if I am, how is it meant to be used?

(And yeah, this is my first post. どうぞよろしくお願いします!)
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Re: じゃあるまいし

Postby NileCat » Thu 09.16.2010 9:07 am

Your grasp seems right, SSN.
Also, it contains some additional nuance like blaming/reproaching/being amazed.

The phrase at the end of a sentence is an abbreviated form of this "A ではあるまいし B".

子供じゃあるまいし。 (バカなことをしてはいけない)
(The speaker is blaming you for your stupid behaviour)

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