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hello everyone

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hello everyone

Postby Cl_annadia » Thu 09.16.2010 5:20 pm

:colonthree: it s nice to be here I found Japanese page.com by coincidence , I was learning Japanese by myself but I made one mistake i memorize everything in romanji so my fault . i have to start from the beginning .. I think so ...
I am from Poland now I live in UK for awhile . I found out to learn Japanese really interesting
I would love to find some native speaker who give me a hand ...
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Re: hello everyone

Postby becki_kanou » Fri 09.17.2010 8:53 am

Hello and Welcome to TJP!

Don't worry about having started with romaji. You can start learning hiragana and katakana right away here and here!
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Re: hello everyone

Postby Hai-San » Fri 09.17.2010 6:22 pm

Hi and welcome the forum! :D
I think Tae Kims guide would be the best for you! Its an all around guide for beginners! :whistle:

/ Hai-San :ninja:
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Re: hello everyone

Postby Snowflake » Sat 09.18.2010 3:26 pm

Hello there, Cl_annadia! I hope you're enjoying your studies!
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