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Post by pikajaz » Sat 09.18.2010 8:10 pm

Hi everyone. I go by Pikajaz online.

I'm a college freshman and I know some hiragana, and a few kanji (like sun and moon lol).

I'm here because I have a genuine interest in Japan and the language, and a big goal of mine is to study abroad in Japan for a semester my Junior year. I have two years to learn as much as I can and I hope this site and the people here can help me in that process. :D

In addition to wanting to study abroad,
I like manga and LOVE Japanese music (Yay Girgugamesh!) so I'd also really love to know what my favorite bands are singing lol.

I have Japanese for Dummies, and I just purchased Japanese for Everyone.

Any advice or welcoming words would be appreciated. :bow:

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Re: Hi!

Post by Hai-San » Sun 09.19.2010 3:21 pm

Welcome! :D
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Re: Hi!

Post by Snowflake » Sun 09.19.2010 6:04 pm

Hello, Pikajaz! Welcome to TJP! This site (and the forum members) can definitely help you with your studies. Have you clicked on the Learn tab yet? That can get you started with finishing your hiragana!

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Re: Hi!

Post by chikara » Sun 09.19.2010 10:35 pm

TJPへようこそ  :)
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