new to japanese and japan

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new to japanese and japan

Post by ibbe » Sat 09.25.2010 2:55 am

hey everyone
just started with learning japanese

help me where ever you could please
i am an experienced travel agent and tour operator from Maldives
you need any help in visiting Maldives i can help you and you will only have to assist me with my japanese

thank you

(EDIT: (by phreadom) removed link to website. Linking to a tourism website on your first post could get you banned as a spammer. I've removed it for now and hopefully you really are interested in learning Japanese. Welcome to TJP!) :)

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Re: new to japanese and japan

Post by SakeIt2Me » Sat 10.02.2010 4:27 pm

Hi! I'm just beginning to learn it myself. Welcome!

(P.S. I wish I could travel - anywhere, including the Maldives. Haha.)
Maybe I will meet you one day, maybe Wednesday, maybe not...not

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